Which Juicer?

I’ve just had a friend over who was considering getting a juicer and asked my advice. If you are seriously getting into juicing, I can really recommend the Oscar 900 VitalMAX.  I got mine in January and havn’t looked back. This type of juicer works by crushing and squeezing juice out and is very efficient (the pulp comes out really dry). I already had a centrifugal juicer, which was perfectly functional for juicing carrots and apples; but I really wanted to be able to juice greens and wheatgrass, so I had to make the switch to a single gear juicer.

The other feature of this type of machine, is that you can switch the filter and grind things like nuts and seeds. I now make my own ground almonds and also process oats to make oat flour.

Obviously there are many other good juicers on the market, I decided on mine after reading lots of reviews on Amazon. 

Oscar Juicer

This post is dedicated Hilary, who saved me from a major IT meltdown earlier. My poor blog was almost toast before it even got going. Anyway thanks Hilary and happy juicing!

Pink Martini

My corner shop sells the most amazing juicy watermelons during the summer and I often grab a quarter melon when I’m passing, to keep chilled in the fridge. I usually eat as is, but this week I’ve been juicing it for a refreshing summer cooler.

Inspired by the current heatwave, I also put some juice into lollypop moulds to store in the freezer. Making your own natural fruit ice-pops is a great alternative to sugar-laden commercial offerings and you can get really creative with the flavours. I was pleased to see that the pulp had settled in the bottom of the moulds, creating a prettily pink, natural two-tone effect.

Watermelon flesh is around 90% water, so it’s very refreshing, hydrating and cleansing. Watermelon is also a good source of the antioxidants lycopene and beta carotene, so a great anti-ageing detoxifier and most importantly totally delicious!

I should also add that the lushly pink juice is very martini glass appropriate; a few shots of this super-juice wouldn’t look amiss at any glamorous cocktail party. Antioxidant ice-cubes anyone?