Berry Buckwheat Scones Recipe

I’ve been experimenting a lot recently with grains and wholegrain flours and wanted to use buckwheat flour to make a scone (recipe testing for an upcoming class).  I played it safe and only used 50% buckwheat and 50% wholegrain spelt (being gluten free a 100% buckwheat scone would have probably resulted in crumbs!).

My go-to basic scone recipe is from Nigella’s How To Be a Domestic Goddess (Lily’s Scones p67), which is a super-light, sugar-free recipe and serves as my perfect formula for a limitless combination of sweet or savoury tea-time delights.  I’ve followed the exact recipe for classic scones, cream and jam for many an afternoon tea party;  here I’m only following the recipe as a ratio guide of flour and raising agents to wet ingredients. As well as turning this formula into a wholegrain version, I also switched out the dairy and used coconut oil and a dairy-free milk.

The idea for the swirl of berries that offer little juicy explosions throughout these scones, was inspired by a post from 101cookbooks earlier in the week for Buttermilk Berry Muffins. I loved the sound of these muffins and as I had some frozen berries lingering in my freezer, I decided to experiment by making a scone in the same vein.  

Despite being a wholegrain flour blend the scones were still light and soft in texture and the taste of strawberries in the berry mix offered a tantalizing hint of summer afternoon teas to come.

[gmc_recipe 1184]

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