Clean Green Soup Bowl & Green Smoothie video

Although I didn’t plan any major detox programme for January, I have made a commitment to some small dietary shifts. Becoming best friends with my blender again was my main goal in order to include smoothies and blended raw soups, particularly of the green variety into my diet on a daily basis. 

Eating more blended green drinks/soups is a great way to pack in fibre and chlorophyll rich nutrition which helps our body to naturally cleanse without too much effort or deprivation.

Tonight was the return of my Spicy Green Energy Soup. Something simple, enjoy eating with spa like serenity then experience the hidden kick!

Green Energy Soup
Serves 1
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250mls water
Juice of 1 lime
1 large cucumber, roughly chopped
A good handful (approx 100g) of spinach or other dark greens such as kale or parsley
A pinch of salt
A good splash of hot sauce to taste (I used Habanero)
1 ripe avocado
Optional: sprouted seeds such as mung beans to garnish
Put the water, cucumber, spinach, salt and hot sauce into a blender and puree.
Add the avocado and process briefly to blend. Be careful not to over process or you end up with a mousse!
Pour into a large bowl and garnish with the sprouts.
I’ve also been having lots of morning fruity green smoothies check out my YouTube premiere and if you enjoy please subscribe more video action to come soon!

[youtube_sc url="" title="January%20Green%20Smoothie" fs="1"]

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