Gentle routines for New Year renewal

I’ve decided not to use the ‘D’ word this month and instead embrace a gentler programme of New Year renewal. Right now I’m re-establishing some positive health promoting practices and routines that have fallen by the wayside over the holiday period. Come spring I’m sure I will feel the urge to up the ante, but for now ensuring that I’m nourishing my body, exercising regularly and improving my energy levels are the main goals.

Since 1st January I’ve been having a shot of green powder each morning. I’m using Amazing Grass, Green Superfood which is a great combination of grasses, sea vegetables, and probiotics. These types of chlorophyll-rich foods can really give you a boost in energy and are a great nutritional support for anyone looking to improve their overall wellbeing. I tried a sample pack or two in November and felt pretty good on it. The upfront investment in this type of product can seem steep (a 30 serving bottle cost £29 from Wholefoods), but it works out cheaper than a daily caffeine fix, so why not give it a try? Pukka Clean Greens is another excellent product.

This is followed by a blended breakfast smoothie. My concoctions this week have included:

Creamy Choc Banana

1 banana, 2 tbsp hulled hempseed, 3 tbsp oats, 1 tbsp cacao nibs + 1 cup water

Green Berry

1 cup frozen blueberry/strawberry mix + ½ banana + handful of spinach + 1 cup water

Zingy Green

½ cucumber + handful of greens + 1 apple + Juice of 1 lemon +  ½ a lime + 1 cup water

Green Mary

As above + ½ a red chilli and a cup of tomato juice instead of water

I’ve also got my sprouting mojo back and have jars of alfalfa and raddish on the go which are great for adding to salads and snacks. Tonight i’ll be putting some sunflower seeds to soak and sprout – the sprouts will then be planted in shallow trays to grow to tender young shoots to eat daily. I’ll share more on sprouting and indoor gardening soon.

I’ve found that in general my body has been naturally craving healthy comfort food, so I’ve been cooking up chickpeas, lentils or tofu with a side of brown rice or quinoa. I’ve also thrown together some blended veggie soup to have for lunch and had a bowl or two of porridge made with dairy-free milk when I felt the need for something really creamy and satisfying. To ensure balance, I’ve had a large portion of green salad with my main meal. I enjoy eating the salad first as my ‘starter’ which makes sense to me, as then I’m less likely to overindulge on the main course.

The only downside to my new start this week, is that I broke my shopping basket wheeling all the extra veggies back from the supermarket!

Overall, I’m trying to remain mindful of what I’m eating and taking time to enjoy the food I prepare. On a holistic level I’m trying to cut down on TV, which I overindulged in over Christmas. It can be such a time-drainer and aside from the odd cookery show, does little to stimulate me. Instead I’ll be reading more, working on some creative projects, taking time to reconnect with friends or just getting an early night. Happy January!

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