Natural approaches to ageing

What we take in on the inside, how well our body is functioning and lifestyle factors are all crucial to maintaining youthfulness and vibrancy as we age.

I gave a talk on this at The Little Escape on Saturday and here are three of the diet and lifestyle actions I shared for staying naturally youthful and vibrant:

  • Eat a diet high in antioxidant rich fruit and vegetables: combating the effects of oxidation in the body helps to fight damage. Make sure you get at least 1-2 portions of chlorophyll rich green leafy vegetables per day to really give you that youthful glow. Green up your fruit smoothies by adding a large handful of baby spinach or other leafy greens and eat a large green salad each day.
  • Reduce stress: stress leads to premature ageing. Consider what you can do to reduce stress in your life, make sure you are exercising regularly and finding a way to relax that works for you.
  • Balance your blood sugar with a low glycaemic diet: uncontrolled blood sugar causes damage to protein in the skin which can lead to wrinkles.

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