Ways to beat ‘the munchies’!

We are all taken over by an attack of ‘the munchies’ from time to time; don’t let cravings take over and ruin all your good intentions, learn how to take action and gain back control:

Eating meals that work to stabilise your blood sugar will ensure you are satisfied for longer and less likely to grab snacks to boost your energy or mood. Choose wholegrain carbohydrates over refined ‘white’ versions and make sure each meal has some protein and a small amount of fat to keep you satisfied and stable. A leafy salad alone doesn’t cut it for long, you may think you are being ‘good’ but make it a bit more substantial. Try adding quinoa, brown rice, beans and lentils or some clean lean protein such as oily fish. Adding avocado, nuts and seeds also adds vital nutrients and satiating essential fats and makes for a more exciting salad.

Eating a high fibre diet keeps us fuller for longer and helps to turn off those hunger hormones in the stomach that can fuel cravings. Staying fully hydrated is also important as dehydration can often manifest as hunger. Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables which provide fibre and also some hydration, particularly high water content vegetables such as cucumbers.

Learn the art of mindful eating: make sure your brain is fully engaged with what you are putting into your mouth. It might sound obvious but how often do you eat while doing other things? So eat slowly, chew well and be happy!

Cravings can be the body’s way of trying to tell us something is missing. You may be eating a lot of food, but are you really nourished or does your diet contain a lot of calorie dense, but nutrient deficient choices? If you are struggling to know where to make changes to improve your diet, why not get in touch with me and learn how to get Supernourished?

Have a deliciously healthy weekend!

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